Party 29.6

We’re closed 22-24.6
June 20, 2018

Party 29.6

Hey there funkster,

Since we are open and serve food every evening until late (restaurant closes at 22, kitchen at 21), Hilbert and Barry suggested we throw a party at the café some Friday. They were pretty darn excited after the launch party, so we kind of saw it coming that they will suggest something like this. Honestly, we think this is just an excuse for them to invite all their friends to listen to a DJ-saxophone combo that will make them drunk on funk with the coolest people in town. We asked them what exactly the occasion is, but they told us to stop being old bores, to just get it done, and to come up with a catchy title that would make people attend a party with no alcohol at a restaurant. Well here we are, getting it done, coming up with a reasonably catchy title and inviting all of you to a hip(po) party at our place!

And should some of you feel like having a drink after the party (we know we will!), our friends at Pastor promised to make a Green Hippo drink for all the thirsty ones starting at 21:00.



“Drunk on Funk” would probably be the coolest band name ever.